Wednesday, 21 November 2007

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Randy Moss Proves Critics Right

Randy Moss' monster season serves as his own indictment.
Part of the trend where the New England Patriots are slowly becoming the biggest enemies in all of sports is the Randy Moss story. If it were a different guy and a different team, everyone would be giving Randy Moss huge praise for the gaudy numbers and attitude makeover that he has experienced this season. As a member of the New England Patriots...

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings (From an Amateur)

Eleven down, six to go.
Dear NFL players: Someone please beat the Patriots. Let us know that other teams still have a chance.Week 11: 1. New England Patriots (10-0) (Previous rank: 1): This is getting more and more ridiculous. Can anyone take the wind out of the Patriots' sails? So far, the answer is no. Randy Moss and Tom Brady are unstoppable. Their domination is...

RJ's NFL Picks, Week Twelve

Tom Brady is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Prove me wrong.
I went 10-6 last week. That puts me at 101-59 for the season. For a comparison, check out the "experts" over at ESPN.(Note: This week’s column will be rather short due to several factors - Thursday afternoon games, the Thanksgiving holiday, the author having large amounts of school work to do, and the author being in the process of...

NFL Week 12 - The No Fun League

Wherein I decry the tyranny of virtue.
I miss Joe Theismann. I wish T.O. was still a drama queen. I keep looking for Bengals on The Smoking Gun. And where are the tales of cheerleaders making out in the ladies room? All these things I used to lampoon and sneer at with a derisive undertone. I would subtly -- or perhaps not so subtly -- suggest them to be ridiculous, petty...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

What Do You Know, I Just Might Watch The Dolphins Next Sunday

Rookie QB John Beck, a possible Ricky Williams return -- Yep, suddenly I'm interested again.
So let's say, that just for a minute, your name is Cam Cameron. Don't know who that is? Not surprising considering how badly his Miami Dolphins are playing this year. 'Course, if you live anywhere in Southern Florida, you know exactly who Cameron is - the Dolphins head coach.There you are, ten games down in the season and you haven't a win yet...

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Boston Celtics Are Not The 1994 Clippers

Don't give T.O. credit ... don't race Jimmie Johnson too hard ... and don't give Tebow the Heisman.
Batting Around is BC Sports' look back at the week's happenings in the world o' sports, presented in a lineup card format for some undisclosed reason.The Lineup Card1. F/C Kevin Garnett...