Thursday, 27 September 2007

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Barry Bonds Won't Be A Giant In 2008

After 15 seasons, the Giants decided to part ways with their as much famous as infamous slugger.
After 22 years, 762 (and counting) career home runs, 2,935 (and counting) career hits and other numerous accomplishments, many questions surround the life and career of San Francisco slugger, Barry Bonds. Did he use performance-enhancing drugs? Should an asterisk be placed next to his home run record? Is he really that much of a sour-puss? With...

Louisville Slugged By Orange Crush

The Louisville Cardinals decided to forgo the privilege of being ranked this week. "Does anybody want to win this thing?"
So I guess it's going to be a weekly thing this season. All the big names are coming up with uninspired performances against all the wrong teams, and nobody wants to be ranked anymore.After Louisville got upset by in-state rival Kentucky last weekend, I said they would be alright, because they got to head home and play against Syracuse. Brian...

NCAA Roundup: Wolverines Get Help

Action is slowly ramping up, as clawed mascots everywhere (UK, UM, Wisconsin) cheered victories.
No, I don't mean that they went and visited their local psychiatrist to iron out their inferiority issues. They got some help from a sloppy opponent and may have a chance to salvage a respectable season now.This brings me to a close of using Michigan as the leadin for the roundup, but hey, they were playing a ranked team (#10 Penn State), the...

Ten People To Watch During MLB's Final Week

Will Biggio catch one final time? Who wins the NL MVP? The AL East? And who will Lou Piniella strangle?
Batting Around is BC Sports' look back at the week's happenings in the world o' sports, presented in a lineup card format for some undisclosed reason.There weren't too many great NFL games this week, and my NFL picks were atrocious (seriously, I picked Buffalo over New England, no doubt the result of over-thinking at 2 a.m. on...

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Mike Gundy's Explosion Prompts Questions

The Oklahoma State football coach went off on Oklahoman reporter Jenni Carlson. Perhaps he should have thought twice.
I didn't get the pick in my weekly Big XII preview correct this week. Luckily, my job (and my cash) don't depend on that. However, four jobs were affected in a big way by the fallout from the game this weekend.In case you missed it, Texas Tech decided not to play defense against Oklahoma State. The week before, Oklahoma State had trouble scoring...

Bizarro Karma: Moss, Owens Start Strong, Tomlinson Downtrodden

Randy Moss and Terrell Owens' teams are 3-0, while the classy LT suffers through a 1-2 start. The hell!?
In a year where rookie commissioner Roger Goodell has been cracking down on the NFL so hard that the only rules left to implement are "No substitutions," "No penalties," and "No time limit," two of the league's most provocative and controversial wide receivers have begun the season with amazing numbers.Seriously,...

Week 3 NFL Power Rankings (From an Amateur)

Three down, fourteen to go.
And then there were five. As week three of the 2007 NFL season comes to a close, many of the undefeated were defeated: only five teams remain unbeaten. While it is still too early for the 1972 Miami Dolphins to start breaking out in a sweat, these teams are off to a great start. As for the rest of the NFL, some teams are good, some are bad, and...